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Mohamed Hamaidan 
HamaidanFx Founder

I learned about the financial market from a young age as my Father has been dealing in the forex market in the 90s. Since then my Education and focus on exploring the Financial Market started.

Like most of you, I have lost a lot in the beginning due to lack of knowledge and wasted countless hours achieving nothing.

That was my turning point where I had to start all over by learning the fundamentals and practicing.

Step by step, after all the effort and time. I became a successful trader and managed to recover my losses and gain significant profits.


June 2006 - April 2010

July 2010 - May 2013

August  2012

November  2015

February  2016

July  2016

March  2017

March  2019 - December 2020

May  2013 - December 2021

 B.Sc in Banking and Finance from University of Bahrain

Freelance, Teaching and Helping University Students.

Award in Financial Planning.

 Certificate in Business Interruption. 

Award in Investment Planning.

 Certificate in Financial Services.

CII Level 3 Certificate

Completed Professional Trading Course in Wave Analysis, Elliott wave theory, Price action, Market structure, Order blocks, Psychology and Risk Management.

Senior Executive Consultant in Nexus Financial Services. As a qualified and regulated professional consultant, My portfolio reached over USD 4 Million of my clients funds under management. 

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